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Safeguarding: Special Events

TSE’s Department of Public Safety, delivers protective security and public safety solutions for organizations hosting special events. Officers deliver unrivaled security services for community events, fairs, festivals, sporting venues, and much more

TSE officers are a superior alternative to traditional security guards and off-duty police officers; as TSE officers are comprehensively trained and certified in very specific disciplines and subject matters that security guards and many police officers are not. TSE delivers exceptional value to those events which require professional personnel, and a legitimate safety and security solution.

If you’re organization is seeking a professional and highly capable solution for your up-coming special event; contact TSE: the region’s leader in contracted security, public safety, and policing services.

Pre-Event Safety, Security, and Emergency Planning


TSE is an expert asset in the planing phase of special events. We utilize our years of experience with securing events, operational and logistical continuity, local – state – federal coordination, and maintaining fiscal responsibility.


TSE provides a complete risk assessment for all sites hosting special events. This generally includes a complete assessment of all known and potential security vulnerabilities, review or creation of floor plans, making determination of officer locations, security checkpoints, public safety and medical staging areas, evacuation plans, and more.


Designed and implemented in accordance with federal guidelines as established by the United States Department of Justice, TSE delivers a plan that imparts team effort, unity, and maximizes safety and security.

Public Safety and Protective Security for Special Event Venues


TSE’s All-Hazards Approach ensures officers are prepared for nearly anything. Special events generally require a specialized approach to public safety and security, which TSE officers are intimately familiar with. From the planning stage, through completion and post-event reviews; TSE is truly unrivaled when it comes to worry-free special events.


Prevention is a vital component of any public safety plan, however the response aspect is sometimes overlooked. No plan will result in 100% prevention of incidents, and it’s the response to the occasional incidents that inevitably occur that set’s TSE apart from other organizations. Don’t settle for basic security guards, protect your event with qualified professionals.


TSE officers cross trained via the All-Hazards Approach ensure no matter what happens, personnel are trained and equipped to take immediate and responsible action; immediately resolving nearly any situation with minimal impact.


TSE understands the vital importance of safeguarding and protecting special events, ensuring professional security services that is comprehensive and responsive to the ever-changing landscape. Whether it’s a sporting event, entertainment venue, trade shows, exposition, or other event; we understand our partners require proper pre-event and contingency planning, All-Hazards capabilities, and unwavering professionalism for their events.

Special Event Security: Highlights

  • Enforce Laws, Regulations, Rules
  • Manage Disorderly Persons
  • Respond to Emergency Situations
  • Investigate Reported Crimes and Complaints
  • Unmatched Safety, Security, and Crime Deterrence
  • Arrest or Referral of Charges Against Criminals
  • Perform Incipient Firefighting
  • Instant Response to Routine and Emergency Matters
  • Perform Life-Saving Emergency Medical Care
  • Rapid Intervention to Stop Acts of Crime and Terror
  • Instantly Manage Searches for Missing Persons
  • Monitor for Radiological/Hazardous Materials
  • Perform Crowd Management and Evacuation
  • Perform Rescue and Life Support Functions

Ensuring Safe, Secure, and Successful Special Events


A successful special event is predicated on it’s overall safety and security, which is directly related to the venue’s care, custody and control. A thorough understanding of the location, area, event type, and demographics – are all vital to ensuring the overall safety and security framework that keeps events running smoothly.


At Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority, our expert law enforcement and security practitioners deliver premium solutions for special events; from pre-planning, contingency planning, and operational logistics, highly trained and highly visible professionals ensure even the smallest issues are immediately remedied through our dual proactive + reactive methodology.


From defusing minor or major situations, to responding to medical emergencies; TSE officers have the training and expertise to keep most any event safeguarded and protected against criminal and terroristic acts. Officers accomplish their mission in a respectful and non-obtrusive manner, and without interference to attendees or the event itself.

Are You Truly Safeguarding Your Special Events?

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