Welfare & Wellness Checks

One of the many critical core services provided by TSE are wellness checks, also commonly referred to as welfare checks and wellbeing checks. Wellness checks are conducted when a concerned person – often a close friend or relative, is concerned about the safety and wellbeing of a family member, loved one, or close friend. Employers and corporations also request these checks for employees who fail to show up to work without notice.

Most commonly, TSE performs wellness checks on the elderly and infirm, who live alone and who have no relatives living closeby. We effectively provide these individuals with something of a safety net in case of emergencies, while providing complete peace of mind for those concerned. Wellness checks are not just for senior citizens, but the majority of checks made involve elderly people who are living alone.
Welfare & Wellness Check Services
When concerned friends or family contact TSE concerned about the wellbeing of someone, an officer will go to the individual’s home to make sure the individual is healthy, feeling ok, and see if they need any assistance (even something as simple as changing the batteries in smoke detectors). If an emergency situation is apparent or suspected, officers will take immediate life saving action, and request assistance from the fire department or ambulance service. In all cases, the friend or loved one who requested the check will be contacted and updated.
Friends, family, and loved ones always have the option of calling 911 if they have reason to believe a life endangering emergency is occurring – and they should do so without delay. Maybe they were on the phone with the individual and heard the person fall, coughing or choking, or yelling for help. This would be a high priority emergency situation and it warrants the absolute fastest response time possible.

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