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SOLUTIONS: Vertical Markets

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Tri State Enforcement Regional Authority supplies custom-tailored solutions to many vertical market segments. From supplemental to stand-alone, whether you need protective security services, professional law enforcement services, pubic safety services, crime prevention services, threat mitigation services, professional training, investigative or intelligence services, or related professional services; TSE delivers effective, responsible, top-rated solutions to our partners and clients.

Professional safety, security, and protective services that safeguard amusement and entertainment locations.

Responsive and effective crime prevention and security-based physical protection of banking and financial locations.

Safety, security, defense, and threat & emergency management solutions for chemical sector facilities of all designations.

Protection, defense, fire watch, and security-based services for worksite projects for emergency, short, and long term needs.

All-in-one public safety, protective security, investigative, and emergency management solutions tailored to fit any need.

Security-based crime prevention and deterrence, asset protection, shrink prevention, and threat mitigation for retail storefronts.

Complete school safety programs staffed by specially trained school police and security officers, and certified SRO’s.

Defensive and protective services tailored to fit the specific and unique needs and regulations of each segment’s requirements.

Safety and security solutions for faith based organizations provide exceptional defense against acts of crime, hate, and terror.

Public safety, protective security, ranger, and emergency management solutions: available as stand-alone or supplemental.

Patient-focused security solutions tailored to meet the needs of healthcare, medical, and clinical environments.

Public safety, protective security, crowd and access control, and incident management solutions for hospitality entities.

Complete community safety programs by TSE delivers unmatched safety, security, community policing, and more.

Compliant, professional, and expedient judicial services for and on behalf of both public and private legal sector entities.

Security, crime prevention, medical care, fire/rescue, access control, and more for industrial manufacturing entities.

Trusted solutions that ensure the highest level of safety and security for assets, equipment, staff, talent, and reporters.

Compassionate, compliant, and fully integrated security-based solutions for dispensaries, cultivators, and transportation.

Life safety, crime and terror prevention, access control, and security-based solutions for nonprofit organizations.

Care, custody, and control of land and property through security-based or law-enforcement based safety and protective services.

Comprehensive solutions for security, protection, defense, monitoring, access control, and disaster management.

Stand alone or cooperative solutions to ensure public safety, protective security, fare and regulation enforcement, and more.

Dependable and effective solutions for small business leads to improved safety, security, and protection of persons and assets.

Close protection, diplomatic protection, executive protection, and personal security solutions for professionals of all backgrounds. 

For obscure or undersized market or vertical, TSE hasn’t forgotten you. Together, we can design a solution to fit your requirements.

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