Comprehensive Community-Based
Public Safety and Security Solutions for
Residential Communities

For property management companies, investment and holding companies, and other ventures engaged in residential and community housing; TSE is an experienced and trusted partner in the implementation and delivery of community oriented policing solutions, professional security, peacekeeping, public safety, and related crime prevention and life safety services tailored to meet the unique needs of residential communities. TSE delivers professional, dependable, value-based services to organizations in the housing and residential market; providing high quality responsive solutions while mitigating incidents and liabilities.

In order to best serve our partners, clients, and communities; we developed our exclusive All-Hazards Approach℠, a comprehensive approach of delivering highly responsive services to a wide range of incidents and emergencies.

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TSE Officers Patrol and Respond To Calls for Service in Private Community HOA
Security officers make arrest at apartment complex

TSE delivers comprehensive, turn-key, contracted community-based security solutions for and on behalf of residential housing communities of all types. TSE delivers unmatched public safety, security, and policing solutions on behalf of property management companies, apartment and condominium complexes, gated communities, HOA’s, sub divisions, mixed use developments, and other planned communities; and the associated properties and buildings thereof. Solutions and services are offered as stand-alone or supplemental; and are available to private, non profit, and government entities. We work in an integrated manner with each community to assemble a custom and comprehensive service program to meet the exact specifications and needs of the community for unmatched performance, value, and results.

TSE is a full service public safety agency, staffed by certified professional officers that exceed statutory minimum requirements. Operating 24/7, personnel perform criminal justice, public safety, and general safety and security duties.
Our community-based security services and public safety solutions are of higher value and considered of superior quality and capability when compared to other options. This is due in part to our proprietary All Hazards Approach ℠, and incorporation of all best-practices as detailed and recommended by the United States Department of Justice for Community Oriented Policing.

Community-based services deliver precise and specific solutions engineered to meet the unique safety and security needs of residential community properties. This includes top-level professional service for residents and tenants, visitors and guests, on-site employees and staff, stakeholders, and other persons on property. Since 2009, TSE has developed, revised, and continued to refine high-impact and high-performance community specific safety and security programs. Our solutions ensure the ability to regain control and empower disadvantaged and troubled communities; rebuild and reinvent high-crime communities; and prevent the downturn of communities which are not yet experiencing serious problems, or experiencing intermittent issues.

Community Oriented Policing, Public Safety and Security Services For Housing Communities



Standalone or supplemental safety, police, and security guard services for apartment complexes and communities.



Comprehensive solutions for public safety, general security, guarding, policing, patrol, and similar for all-inclusive communities.


Assisted Living

Life safety, security, patrol, as well as fire, rescue, and emergency medical response services for assisted living communities.



Complete public safety, law enforcement, and emergency response services for cooperative communities.



Standalone or supplemental security, policing, and guard services for income-based communities and properties.



Comprehensive public safety, patrol, enforcement, and emergency response services for private and gated communities.


& Transitional

Complete public safety, peacekeeping, protective, and security services for homeless and transitional facilities.


Mobile Home

Comprehensive public safety, security, patrol, and emergency response services for mobile home communities.

Community-based security and public safety services and programs are performed as negotiated between property stakeholders and TSE. Benefits of TSE programs include the increased compliance with all rules, regulations, laws, and bylaws; elimination and prevention of criminal acts; immediate response to emergency situations without delay; immediate life-saving emergency medical care; immediate life-saving rescue and evacuation in the case of fire; immediate response to 911 calls without delay; investigation of alarms; investigation of suspicious persons, vehicles, packages, and circumstances; as well as increased quality of life experienced by residents – resulting in higher occupancy.

For communities and complexes which are privately owned and operated, the cost of service is generally offset 100% or more through one or more methods. For communities operated by non-profit or government; we can work with stakeholders to identify additional sources of revenue to assist in the offsetting or elimination of service costs. In many housing communities and complexes, public safety and security services can prove to be incredibly valuable when no housing police/security department exists, or when looking to reduce current costs and liabilities. Any costs associated with the performance of services is further offset by decreased or eliminated liabilities, insurance claims, lawsuits, resident and employee turnover, increased curb-appeal and reputation, increased property value, and a higher quality of life for residents.

Safer Residential Communities
Service · Protection · Compassion

ONE GOAL: Safer Residential Communities

Community Public Safety Officers (CPSO’s) are responsible for the safety and security of the community in which they serve. This includes safeguarding life, limb, and property, against crime, danger, and disaster. CPSO’s provide not only safety and security services, but also enforce law and regulation, respond to both emergency and non-emergency situations and reports, provide emergency medical care, conduct evacuations, issue violations, mediate disagreements and disputes, conduct evictions, make arrests, and much more. This is far beyond the scope of a security guard company, which stakeholders should take into consideration. By taking a proactive approach, implementing a refined and customized program, and employing only the most qualified law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners; community-based security services administered by TSE improve the quality of life and spirit of community residents.
CPSO’s are required to attend and complete several specialized Community Oriented Policing training courses, and must complete thurough field training with a Community Policing Specialist prior to being fully designated. CPSO’s serve with professionalism and compassion, are a trusted and valued community resource. These specialized officers prove to be an exemplary role model for children and youth; and through an interactive and proactive approach, have prevented many younger persons from making poor life choices. CPSO’s are ever vigilant, working diligently to provide the safest possible communities for residents, families, visitors, and the public.
TSE Community Public Safety Officers and Community Policing Specialists remain ever aware of the responsibility and privilege to serve and protect residential communities; and continuously work to improve the overall level of safety, security, and service within the communities we’re entrusted to serve and protect. Our advanced community-based security programs incorporate holistic and lasting techniques to promote crime prevention, restore and maintain peace and order, and improve quality of life. External sources of crime, as well as community predation, are eradicated through ongoing proactive intervention techniques. Organization, opportunity, and quality of life for residents within the community are restored as a result of the crime stoppage; and TSE practitioners sew the seeds for long-term community development and improvement.



Step One

During the first phase, CPSO's implement high-visibility, high-impact, and target-focused patrol and interdiction to eliminate known and observable criminal elements and re-establish control of the area. The intensity and duration of this step is dependant on the state and condition of the community. CPSO's may utilize a variety of tools and techniques during this phase, which may include the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, night vision or thermal imaging, identity verification of persons and vehicles, ingress and egress checkpoints, nighttime illumination, and other techniques.


Step Two

Once the criminal and problematic element involving non-residents, visitors, transients, and others has been eliminated; the second phase will begin. We refer to this as the networking step. During this step, an emphasis is placed on the identification and eviction of problematic residents, and organic interactions with both youth and elderly in the community. This serves as a networked preventative interaction. The two most dependable links within a community are the youth and elders; and are often the strongest connection to the community, and often help facilitate positive change.


Step Three

This final and ongoing stage is an organic continuation of connections made through networking. Through elders and children, CPSO's become familiar with other children and elders, siblings, friends, parents, and other family members; allowing for gradual trust building. This is the result of being routed through the resident's social network through the interactions involving the children and elders. As community trust continues to grow, many of who were reluctant begin to trust and communicate with officers, thanks to the encouragement by the elderly and youth.

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