Facilities who produce, and manufacture certain products, materials, and components are crucial to the continued function and prosperity of the United States. Disruption to critical manufacturing processes would likely have a devastating impact, disrupting essential functions on a regional, national, or international level.
Those facilities engaged in the production, refinement, or manufacturing of steel, iron, aluminum, and other metals; engines, turbines, and electrical transmission components; motors, transformers, and generators; earth moving machinery, agricultural, mining, and construction machinery and equipment; and those engaged in the production of automobiles, ships, aerospace components and aircraft, locomotives and railroad related machinery and materials, as well as mass transit components and vehicles; are all considered at-risk, and require a specific approach to mitigate threats of crime and terrorism. TSE is proud to partner with these organization types, and deliver comprehensive solutions to protect against insider threats, external threats, crime, terror, sabotage, and other preventable and migitable acts.
Safeguarding and protecting industrial sector manufacturing

Industrial and Critical Manufacturing Life-Safety and Security-Based Solutions

TSE delivers complete and thorough programs relating to protection, security, defense, and safety. Utilizing diversely trained professionals for security and defensive requirements, TSE practitioners are ready for nearly anything – thanks to our exclusive All-Hazards Approach. TSE practitioners are supported with access to the best tools, equipment, training, and technology available; making our personnel and solutions, second to none.
When formulating or updating your Facility Security Plan, Continuity Of Operations Plan, or similar; who do you trust to provide physical safety and security services and solutions? Are they meeting you unique needs, overcoming challenges, and anticipating and forecasting changes and emerging threats? Let us ask you this – if contracting security guard services; how is their turnover and dependability?
For those facilities who put the safety and security of their operation, employees, and others at the highest priority; TSE is the partner for you. Going far beyond the basic security guard services is what we do. With a team of well trained, equipped, and experienced professionals with backgrounds in criminal justice and military service; TSE employees take pride in their professionalism and honor the privilege to protect and serve. If you’ve been searching for an alternative to traditional and underperforming security guards for your facility, TSE is exactly what you have been looking for.

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