For those involved in media, production, and film; TSE is a trusted resource for all services involving public safety, general and specialized security, executive and VIP protection, emergency and disaster mitigation, access control, and related matters.

From protecting talent, preventing theft of equipment, managing access control and crowds without incident, and performing emergency service functions; our skilled professionals will ensure your exact needs are met, allowing you to focus on your priorities.

In addition to our core professional services, experts are available to fulfill production requirements for a technical advisor, or subject matter expert. Our practitioners can help to ensure the authenticity and realism of set, talent, wardrobe, and sequence; for matters and scenes involving police, crime, emergency, or disaster.

TSE Agents provide close protection and personal security for news reporters at Donald Trump rally in Charleston, WV

We've Been a Trusted Partner for Many Names in the Industry

News, Film, Entertainment, and Media Production Security

Since 2009, TSE has become a go-to for producers, networks, news outlets, journalists, filmmakers, and more. TSE has proudly worked alongside names and organizations big and small, keeping people and assets safe and secure. Whether it’s unique circumstances, a remote location, elevated risk, or simply wanting to avoid inconvenience and exposure; we are honored to work with those in media, news, entertainment, and production.

Whether you need security for a few days, an attached detail for an ongoing production, or a technical consultant or advisor; you can trust the unmatched combination of training, abilities, skills, and knowledge of our experts to ensure your need is met.

If your concerned about the hassle and issues that can arise when hiring local off-duty police officers or basic security guards for your production; look no further than TSE. Whether you need service for a few days or a few months; see for yourself why dozens of media organizations choose TSE for their safety, security, and protection needs.

Trusted and Proven Security-Based Solutions For Media Organizations

Film and TV Security

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Protective and security services tailored to meet the needs of large or small productions.

Protecting Journalists and Reporters

& Reporters

Close protection services tailored to meet the needs of those reporting from dangerous locations.

protective security for media outlets

Media and

Safety and security services tailored to meet the needs of small and local studio or in-field productions.

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