Comprehensive Safety and Security Solutions
For Licensed Marijuana Operators
Growers, Processors, and Retailers, and Research

For organizations engaged in licensed marijuana, cannabis, or hemp business operations; TSE is an experienced and trusted partner in the implementation and performance of professional and compliant marijuana security and protection services. TSE delivers professional, dependable, value-based services to organizations in the marijuana market; providing high quality services which incorporate a community-oriented and hospitality-based approach, while ensuring compliance and reducing potential liabilities.

TSE delivers top-rated marijuana security services for and on behalf of registered cannabis and marijuana dispensaries, retailers, researchers, growers, processors, and other licensed marijuana facility operators. Our innovative and proven vertical-market security solutions are comprehensive, effective, and exceed minimum regulations. TSE has proven to be a valued and integral asset to our marijuana-market clients and partners, exceeding the expectations of investors, owners, and stakeholders.

Medical Cannabis Protective Security Services
Marijuana Cultivation Security and Protection
While cultivating positive and progressive interactions, TSE personnel seamlessly maintain the safety and security of our partner facilities, and are a welcomed resource by staff, patients, regulators, and visitors. Evolving with our partners, we continue to adapt leading industry-specific practices to strengthen posture, improve relations, and enhance security.
With the increase of state-regulated programs, it has become clear: the marijuana industry is experiencing explosive growth. In a short time, states such as PA have watched their newly-launched medical marijuana program rapidly expand; with total sales approaching $1 Billion as of Q1 2021. Accordingly, there has been a rapid rise in security companies and firms, giving licensed facilities an ever-growing number of choices when it comes to meeting their security needs.
With a steady increase in sales of what continues to be a mostly cash-based market, both minor and major incidents are becoming an increasing security concern. Medical marijuana stakeholders, owners, and operators should reevaluate their safety and security options now more than ever before.

Exceptional Safety, Security, and Service For The Marijuana Market

For those organizations that prioritize the safeguarding of employees, patients, product and assets; our advanced market-specific approach focuses on prevention by design – identifying and deterring known and potential problems before they begin. As the market continues to grow, we look forward to continued long-term partnerships, and protecting an industry responsible for improving the lives of so many in our communities.
Medical Marijuana and Cash Transportation

of Marijuana
and Cash

Secure and compliant solutions that provide worry-free and reliable transportation of cannabis products and cash-based revenue.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Security

Marijuana Dispensaries
and Retailers

Compassionate and compliant solutions protect patients, customers, staff, product, cash, and assets; while delivering our legendary All-Hazards approach.

Marijuana Cultivation Security

Cannabis Grow and

Steadfast and compliant solutions to control access, defend and protect employees and staff, and safeguard inventory and product.

Cannabis Marijuana CBD THC Research Security

THC, CBD, and
Cannabis Research

Integrated and compliant solutions that safeguard, protect, and defend commercial and medical cannabis and marijuana research facilities.

Medical Marijuana Training and Consulting

Consulting, Training
and Outreach

Program experts work with public and private organizations to provide a variety of consulting, training, and outreach services.

Marijuana Security - Program Objectives

Cannabis and Marijuana Security Programs administered by TSE are turn-key, proven, and compliant with all local and state regulations. Programs share a common objective – to serve with professionalism and compassion, all people with whom we encounter and interact, while consistently providing the safest and most hospitable environment possible for consumers, employees, operators, and stakeholders. We achieve this through advanced practices, careful and diligent hiring practices, exceptional training, and implementing industry-best practices into every aspect of program administration.

We further ensure comprehensive program administration by proactively preventing, deterring, and mitigating crime, theft, robbery, terrorism, and noncompliance. We consistently ensure a welcoming environment and positive experience for employees and consumers, while safeguarding against external and internal threats. Our support personnel work behind the scenes, continuously monitoring online communications across a variety of networks – identifying “chatter” and potential threats to facilities and employees. Each day, we remain cognizant of the privilege and responsibility it is to serve as a market partner, and continuously improve the level of safety, security, and service we deliver.

Choosing a Quality Marijuana Security Partner

TSE is comprised of an exceptional staff of law enforcement and security experts who maintain extraordinary capabilities, to include the incorporation of our proprietary All-Hazards Approach℠. As an organization, we work daily to further improve our capabilities, ensure our practitioners have access to continuing training and education, and have access to the latest technology and equipment. TSE is a self-reliant Agency, permitting turn-key solutions free from any dependence of numerous location or partner specific factors or complexities. TSE delivers integrated solutions that incorporate: regulatory compliance, access control, camera monitoring, inventory and receiving control, theft and crime mitigation, transportation of cash and product, alarm response, emergency medical care, fire prevention and response, evacuation, safety and security inspections, patient education, emergency and disaster support, and much more.

While priorities may differ – when it comes to choosing the right safety and security partner, a reputable and high quality vendor will rarely be the cheapest solution. Virtually every organization desires to eliminate unnecessary expenses; however, this is one line item that should be value-focused, and not price-driven. TSE takes great pride in pioneering top-rated, mission critical security solutions; and we are honored to be able to provide these services on behalf of our current and perspective marijuana industry partners.

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