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For many organizations concerned with life safety and security of certain at-risk lands and properties, TSE is a valued and trusted partner for public safety, security, enforcement, and disaster and emergency management needs. We design, implement, deliver, and manage comprehensive programs encompassing protective security services, life & public safety, law enforcement, crime and terror mitigation, and more. 

We deliver these professional, dependable, value-based services to both private and public entities and organizations of all sizes and types. TSE is proud to have protected lands and locations under our Agency’s care and control without ever a loss or negative incident; and we would be honored to protect your land or property interest as well.

With services provided by TSE, our partners and clients enjoy their liabilities reduced or eliminated, and no longer need to worry about the safety, security, and integrity of their assets and operations. Our safety and security programs are turn-key, proven, and reliable.
Land Management Life Safety, Protective Security, and Patrol Services
Land Management Security Services
We understand every organization and every operation is different and unique; which is why TSE is committed to being the region’s most capable and respected supplier of contracted police, security, defensive, and related life-safety services and solutions.

If you are ready to stop worrying about safety and security, response times to 911 calls, and working through a never-ending list of police service, security service, life safety, and patrol service providers for land management and property management needs; look no further – TSE will be there for you now, and into the future.

We assemble comprehensive service programs which are unique and tailored to meet the exact needs and requirements of our partners and clients, stakeholders, and our communities.
Our exclusive programs incorporate the administration of services, through policies and procedures, industry best practices, US Homeland Security & Department of Defense best practices, applicable ESF’s and PPD’s, all state and federal laws and regulations, professional and industry regulations, and much more.

Solutions Tailored To Fit Your Unique Needs & Requirements

Arena and Stadium Security Services

Arenas &

Public Safety, Emergency Management, Enforcement, and Protective Security Services for Arenas and Stadiums.

Security Services for Aquariums and Zoos

Aquariums &

Life Safety, Emergency Medical Care, Guest Assistance, and Protective Security Services for Aquariums and Zoos.

Business and Commerce Park Security, Public Safety, and Emergency Services

Business &
Commerce Parks

Public Safety, Emergency Management, Enforcement, Patrol and Response, and Security for Business & Commerce Parks.

Conservatories and Preservations Safety and Security

Conservatories &

Life Safety, Emergency Medical Care, Guest Assistance, and Security Services for Conservatories and Preservations.

Convention Center Security and Police Services


Public Safety, Emergency Management, Access Control, Patrol, and Protective Services for Convention Centers.

Security and Protective Services for Dams, Levees, Hydroelectric, and Flood Control

Dams &

Anti-Crime/Anti-Terror, Emergency & Disaster Mitigation, Force Protection, and Security of Dam and Levee Infrastructure.

Food and Agricultural Security Services

Food &

Anti-Terror, Patrol, Protective Security, and Disaster/Emergency Services for Food and Agricultural Operations.

Protective Security Services to safeguard Historic Sites and Monuments

Historic Sites &

Anti-Crime/Anti-Terror, Emergency & Disaster Mitigation, Patrol, Access Control, and Security of Historic Sites.

Public Safety and Security Services for Mixed-Use Properties

Mixed-Use Land &

Public Safety, Emergency Services, Enforcement, Patrol and Response, and Security for Mixed-Use Locations.

Museum Security Services

Museums &

Protective Security Services, Anti-Crime, Emergency & Disaster Mitigation, and Fire Protection for Museums & Archives.

Public Safety, Patrol, and Security Services for Office Buildings and Commercial Properties


Public Safety, Emergency Services, Enforcement, Patrol and Response, and Security Services for Office Buildings.

Land Management Security, Patrol, and Law Enforcement Services

Public & Private

Crime Prevention & Mitigation, Patrol, Law Enforcement, and Emergency & Disaster Mitigation for Public & Private Lands.

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