Exceptional Safety and Security Solutions for Transportation-Based Organizations

For public and private organizations engaged in transit and transportation-based activities, TSE is proud to be a proven and trusted partner in the design, implementation, and delivery of professional security, life & public safety, and crime and theft mitigation solutions.
TSE delivers professional, dependable, value-based services to organizations ranging from mass transit to commercial shipping, and everything in between.

To better serve our partners and clients, we’ve simplified the process for organizations to hire or partner with TSE for their needs. You can call us anytime, or visit our contact page, answer a couple of questions, and that’s it. We can provide you a quote immediately.

TSE provides security and protection of in-transit dangerous goods, explosives, and nuclear materials.
Transportation Security Personnel at Transit Terminal.

Professional Transportation Security,
Policing, and Public Safety Solutions

We’re committed to making the process of sourcing a physical safety and security partner simple, easy, and transparent. Our experts design and assemble custom and comprehensive transportation security service programs unique to each of our partners and clients; so whether you have idea regarding the specific administration of services or not – there’s no need to worry. Our exclusive programs incorporate the administration of services, through policies and procedures, industry best practices, US Homeland Security & Department of Defense best practices, applicable federal transportation regulations, applicable ESF’s and PPD’s, all state and federal laws and regulations, professional and industry regulations, and much more.
With transportation security services administered by TSE, our partners and clients enjoy their liabilities significantly reduced, and no longer need to worry about the safety, security, and integrity of their assets and operations. Our safety and security services and programs are turn-key, proven, and reliable.

Solutions Tailored To Fit Your Unique Needs & Requirements

Aviation and Airport Security Services

Airport &

Public Safety, Protective Security, Patrol, and Emergency Services for Airports and Aviation.

Bridge and Tunnel Security, Patrol, and Anti-Terror Services

Bridge &

Crime and Terror Prevention, Security, and Patrol Services for Bridge and Tunnel protection.

Safety and Security Services for Mass Transit Bus Operations


Public Safety, Fare and Regulation Enforcement, and Emergency Services for Bus operations.

Protection and Security Services for Cargo Carriers


Security, Protection, Defense, and Escorting for commercial cargo carriers; including DoD carriers.

Light Rail and Commuter Train Safety, Security, Patrol, and Police Services

Commuter &
Light Rail

Public Safety, Fare and Regulation Enforcement, and Emergency Services for commuter rail lines.

Safety and Security Patrol for Highways and Toll Roads

Highways &
Toll Roads

Public Safety, Patrol, and Emergency Services for Public & Private Highways and Toll Roads.

Port Security and Patrol Services


Protective Security, Patrol, and Crime/Theft Mitigation for Port Authorities and Port Operations.

Prisoner Transport Services


Direct and Support Services, including Escort Services for Prisoner Transportation.

Protective Security Services for Intermodal Companies


Protective Security, Patrol, and Crime/Theft Mitigation for Those Conducting Intermodal Operations.

Railroad Security Services


Public Safety, Policing, Security, Patrol, and Emergency Services for Railroad Operations.

Rail Yard Security and Patrol Services

Rail Yard

Safety, Security, Crime/Theft Mitigation, and Patrol Services for Rail Yard Operations.

Safety, Security, and Patrol Service for Rest Stops and Service Plazas

Rest Stops &
Service Plazas

Public Safety, Crime Mitigation, Patrol, and Emergency Services for Highway Service Areas.



Protective Security, Theft Prevention, and Security Escort Services for Shipping Companies.

Transit Center Security and Public Safety Services


Public Safety, Patrol, Security, and Emergency Services for Transportation and Transit Centers.

Waterways and Maritime Security Services

Waterway &

Protective Security, Threat Mitigation, Patrol, and Emergency Services for Maritime Operations.

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