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Working Behind the Scenes at a Donald Trump Rally

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TSE personnel are constantly involved in unique and specialized tasks. Today, undercover Agents were hard at work in Charleston, WV; where Presidential Candidate Donald Trump held a rally.
Security was significantly increased and heightened for this presidential campaign rally, due in part to the unique nature of Mr. Trump’s campaign and the history of incidents occurring at his rallies.

TSE Security Specialists have not only had to contend with the routine concerns of personal and public safety; but also with the significantly increased focus on the protection of Mr. Donald Trump, and the vendors present at the rally – such as reporters and media outlets. The primary concern stemmed from potential and probable threats posed by any protestors or would-be attackers that may be in attendance, or, who may attempt entry covertly or by force.

Event security at the rally was extremely tight for obvious reasons, with federal security agents outside using a combination of metal detectors, x-ray machines, and magnetometers to screen all persons and articles entering the building for the event.

Security agents were also checking all bags and purses for dangerous and prohibited items before allowing entrance into the building, including a methodical search for firearms – which are strictly prohibited at presidential campaign political events unless specifically permitted or authorized by federal law enforcement officials in-charge.

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